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At first, I tought I will never be able to receive a benevolent mark from IELTS. In spite of my pessimism, my teacher did his best to improve my english skills. Each week we tried something more challenging to see whether I show progress. The best part of being a student in DDM is feeling comfortable because you always know that they care about you and their greatest aim is to observe the smile on your face after you realize that you improved your language. Moreover it, was absolutely magnificent to experience the remarkable change throughout two years. Learning and improving the language skills happen not directly. Rather than a sudden variance, it reflects itself into daily life. That was the method the teachers used for me due to the fact that when it comes to academic speeches, it is necessary to have knowledge about some specific areas such as politics and education system. Therefore, DDM helps you not only about the language but also about the liberal education. All in all, by courtesy of my teacher, I could succeed in the IELTS test, which used to be totally scary for me. My IELTS score was 7.5, as we thought before I took it and once again I would like to thank to DDM team sincerely for their undeniable efforts.