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“DDM is definitely not your ordinary tutoring school. The staff are very welcoming and hospitable. The teachers do not follow the conventional styles of teaching with ‘Read this book’ or ‘Copy off the whiteboard’, but rather cater to your own learning styles whilst moving at your pace to ensure maximum capabilities and understanding.

My teacher, Sahand, did not only teach me what I was required to know, but backed up my knowledge bank with proofs and root information necessary for understanding in the topics that were covered. In addition, he also taught me the styles and structures of the SAT examinations and what I should be looking for in what section in order to maximise my potential in achieving an excellent score. And thanks to Sahand, and the rest of the amazing DDM staff, I achieved a higher score than what I had aimed. I couldn’t have done it without DDM!”

Thank you again, and I hope all is well with you!

May 2016
Score: 1250

Much Regard


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